Therapeutic Resonances

Please note: we have recently updated this site in order to simplify the procedures and methods of treatment. The new approach was guided by the same Intelligence that sits behind Light and Sound Meditation.



The system still uses the Double Coil machines but the selection of therapeutic frequencies has been completely changed. This was done to make it easier to choose the appropriate remedy and easier to receive the treatment.

Rather than approaching conditions from a standard medical perspective, which in some cases requires in depth knowledge, we are simply looking at the imbalances that are experienced by the patient. These imbalances are broken down into 3 categories, physical, emotional and mental.

We are effectively asking the body to tell us what is wrong. It does this naturally by producing discomfort and pain. By taking note of the symptoms we arrive at a specific frequency that will help treat the ailment or ailments.

Over time these signals of imbalance may change. We can then alter the frequencies accordingly. Even when we feel well and pain free we can still use the system to help us maintain balance.

The frequencies are entered into a machine that is connected to a specially wound Double Coil which emits an enormously powerful Energy field which is as big as a house.

The idea is that the patient bathes in the field for most of the day (and night). This means that they can be treated in a gentle way over a large period of time. This is the complete opposite of drug therapies which tend to shock the body and can give various side effects.

Other people may occupy the same house and will benefit in a general way from being in the field. By analogy imagine a group of people enjoying a spell of sunshine. Everyone will benefit from the experience but the person with vitamin D deficiency will benefit the most.



Not everybody will want to purchase a machine and it may be that you are a practitioner with a number of patients you wish to treat. In that case we suggest you adopt the following procedure:

Firstly, explain the general principles of the Energetic process and demonstrate the Field by the effect it has on music. See Technical page. An acoustic guitar is perfect for this.

Then get the patient to adopt a comfortable position and relax; a simple breath meditation would work well. Turn the machine on and leave the patient to bathe in the Energy field. We would suggest sessions of between 20 minutes to an hour.

If you wish to understand the diagnostic procedure check out the Frequencies page.

If you want to make a machine go to the Machine Construction page.

Finally if you are interested in the Light and Sound Meditation see: