Therapeutic Remedies

Please note: through our ongoing research program we are discovering new frequencies that are giving far more consistent results. Consequently the frequency values will be updated from time to time; always use the current value.
Therapeutic Remedies


Please note the letter and number before each frequency are simple codes to make the labelling of bottles and keeping records easier.

Ailment Code Frequency
Abscess A1 684.326
Allergies      A2 673.912
Alopecia A3 227.932
Alzheimer’s A4 249.816
Angina A5 769.862
Anorexia A6 427.842
Anxiety A7 643.114
Arthritis –  Rheumatoid A8 940.128
Asthma A9 431.622
Atherosclerosis A10 443.612
Baldness B1 670.429
Birth B2 432.061
Blood Pressure (High)  B3 674.903
Bone Fracture B4 672.911
Bronchitis B5 034.279
Candida C1 438.369
Chesty Cough C10 40.123
Chicken Pox C2 431.762
Cholesterol (High)  C3 749.121
Colds C4 006.420
Colic C5 439.271
Confidence/Low Self-Esteem C6 927.411
Coughs C7 621.554
Crohn’s Disease C8 664.139
Cyst C9 329.173
Deafness D1 774.091
Dementia-early stage   D2 309.671
Depression D3 869.024
Dermatitis D4 314.626
Diabetes-type 2 D5 443.091
Drug Addiction D6 694.237
Drug Withdrawal Symptoms D7 19.286
Eczema E1 332.141
Energy, Lacking E2 647.289
Eyes, Dry E3 371.928
Eyes, Macular Degeneration E4 641.209
Fear F1 620.311
Fertility F2 647.010
Fibromyalgia F3 867.912
Frozen Shoulder F4 606.471
Gout G1 427.321
Grief G2 774.063
Haemorrhage H1 974.312
Hay fever H2 346.624
Headache H3 267.391
Heart Disease H4 642.717
Heart Fibrillation H5 321.169
Heartbreak H6 428.609
Hemorrhoids H7 329.640
Hypertension H8 674.903
I.B.S.   I1 460.221
Indigestion I2 601.342
Influenza I3 139.274
Inner Peace I4 872.436
Insomnia I5 597.230
Kidney K1 723.906
Letting Go L1 222.691
Liver L2 574.193
Lungs L3 521.644
Malaria M1 636.912
Melasma M2 115.042
Meningitis B M3 943.647
Migraine M4 361.703
Morning Sickness M5 368.429
Muscle Pain M6 634.281
Muscular Dystrophy M7 716.437
Obesity O1 435.161
Osteoarthritis O2 220.561
P.M.T. P1 714.628
Pain P2 472.691
Palpitations P3 872.433
Panic Attacks P4 971.266
Period Pain P5 734.092
Pleurisy P6 699.283
Premature Baby P7 428.016
Psoriasis P8 734.298
Pulmonary Chronic Obstructive P9 271.324
Raynaud’s Disease R1 672.403
Restless Legs R2 451.461
Rheumatism R3 276.145
Rheumatoid Arthritis R4 940.128
Rhinitis R5 364.215
Sciatica S1 374.802
Self Harm S2 766.403
Sepsis S3 890.622
Shingles S4 864.092
Shock S5 664.001
Sinusitis S6 674.902
Skin S7 423.191
Sore Throat S8 342.691
Stiff Neck S9 370.820
Stress S10 327.601
Threadworm T1 626.132
Thrombosis T2 482.963
Thyroid Hyper T3 729.143
Thyroid Hypo T4 729.604
Tinnitus T5 173.042
Tonsillitis T6 295.646
Torn Tendons T7 431.674
Trigeminal Neuralgia T8 649.011
Vitiligo V1 554.681
Zika Virus (use in first trimester) Z1 097.466


We also have a number of frequencies to treat plants:

Ailment Code Frequency
White fly PL1 273.102
Green fly PL2 273.043
Black fly PL3 412.903
Scale insect PL4 173.224


Spray the leaves with the liquid remedy 3 times a day. We suggest making up a large quantity in a lemonade bottle and using a plant sprayer. To potentize simply stand the bottle on top of the 2 coils.


Protocol for Making and Taking Remedies

All the frequencies used in conjunction with the Therapeutic Machine have been updated; please use the new values from now on.

As the Energies originate in the Higher Dimensions it is necessary for the practitioner to make a direct connection ; the method involves the use of a Mandala. Just as Energies can be attached to Mantras the same thing can be done with Mandalas.
We have chosen the following Mandala for this purpose.


The method for making up the remedies is now:
1. Meditate on the Mandala until you feel really focussed (usually just a few minutes).
2. Concentrate on a photograph of the patient until you sense a connection.
3. Dial the appropriate numbers on the machine as before.
4. Finish by drawing your attention back to the photograph.

Remedies last 1 month with the bottles sterilized and with the addition of 3 drops of Brandy/Alcohol. The recommended dose is 2 sprays into the mouth (careful not to contaminate the spray nozzle) 3 times a day.

If your DCT machine has 2 coils then you can combine a Therapeutic remedy with either a Vitality or Bach remedy. It is not beneficial to combine 2 Therapeutic Remedies in one bottle.

It is best to use one therapeutic remedy over a period of 7 to 10 days before switching to another course of treatment. If you do need to run 2 remedies together make them up in separate bottles and take alternately during the day every 4 hours.

Therapeutic Remedies
Although the generator may seem complicated we only need to use its most basic functions which appear as default settings; so if in doubt just switch it off and then switch back on again. When the machine is first switched on it will default to:

MF= 0010.00000kHz

All that is necessary is to dial the chosen therapeutic frequency for each channel. This is achieved by first choosing the output CH1 or CH2 using the appropriate output buttons. Channel 1 corresponds to the main frequency shown on the screen as MF and channel 2 corresponds to the secondary frequency shown on the screen as SF.When the green lights are illuminated the output is on when extinguished the output is turned off.

To dial a particular remedy consult the therapeutic list and note the frequency. The numbers given will all have a decimal point which corresponds exactly to the decimal point on the display. So for example the number 123.456 should be dialled to look like the number on the screen. By using the arrow buttons you can move the underscore left and right to adjust each digit using the ADJ knob.

We recommend a 30 ml amber or blue glass bottle fitted with a simple spray atomiser. It is best kept reasonably cool and out of direct sunlight. We suggest a potentizing time of 2 hours; longer is fine so you could leave it on overnight.

Please note we are still in the process of trialling the machines so the above recommendations may change at any time. If you have any questions do contact us and we will be only too pleased to answer them.