DCT Machine

The signal generator has to have a frequency range up to 10 MHz and preferably be dual channel, to enable 2 people to be treated simultaneously. We recommend a particular machine, the details of which are given below: it is well constructed, easy to use and readily available from eBay at a very reasonable price.The machine will operate with a wide range of voltages from 85 Volts a.c. to 265 Volts a.c. however, you may need to change the mains plug.


The special coils are made from constantan resistance wire (available on eBay) wound on 9 mm wooden dowels as shown in the photos. It is important that the impedance of the wire matches that of the generator, so for the recommended model you will need about 3.2 metres of AWG32 gauge wire for each of the coils. It is important that the wire is the insulated type; this is usually done by enamelling or varnish. If you have any problems sourcing the wire do let us know by using the contact page; I am sure we will be able to help The secret is to loop the wire back on itself before winding it tightly onto the dowel. You are therefore effectively only winding 1.6 metres and producing a perfect double helix. The dowel should have 2 small holes drilled around 25 mm apart to secure the winding which can be held in place using the ends of a wooden cocktail stick.

Here is a series of video clips to help you construct and mount a double coil.


When an electrical current flows through the double coil, it produces two identical coherent electromagnetic waves that cancel. Mainstream physics would suggest that in cancelling the two waves the result would be zero. Extensive experiments using sound have shown this is not the case: something “magical” seems to appear from the nothing! Even though the power used is tiny, the mysterious energy seems to pervade a volume the size of a house. You can conduct experiments with music to show that an Energetic field is generated. For more details take a look at the EMF Project page.


The coils are then individually connected to the outputs of the signal generator labelled CH1 and CH2, using the two bnc leads supplied. It is best to cut off the crocodile clips and directly connect the wires to the coils using a 3 Amp connector strip. The constantan wire is coated with enamel or varnish, both of which will need to be removed in order to get a good connection (rubbing gently with fine sandpaper works well). It is worth checking the final result with an Ohmmeter or continuity device. The coils can then be simply mounted in a wooden stand (see photo above).


Please note we have produced a new protocol for using the machine; it can be found on the Therapeutic Frequencies page. On this page we will concentrate on the construction and use of the apparatus. Although the generator may seem complicated we only need to use its most basic functions which appear as default settings; so if in doubt just switch it off and then switch back on again. When the machine is first switched on it will default to:

MF= 0010.00000kHz

This setting is perfect; all that is necessary is to dial the chosen therapeutic frequency for each channel. This is achieved by first choosing the output CH1 or CH2 using the appropriate output buttons. Channel 1 corresponds to the main frequency shown on the screen as MF and channel 2 corresponds to the secondary frequency shown on the screen as SF.When the green lights are illuminated the output is on when extinguished the output is turned off.



To dial a particular remedy consult the therapeutic frequency table. The numbers given will all have a decimal point which corresponds exactly to the decimal point on the display. So for example the number 531.316 should be dialled to look like the number on the screen. By using the arrow buttons you can move the underscore left and right to adjust each digit using the large blue/white ADJ knob.
If you wish to save your settings press the SYS or MENU button once and *SAVE P_ON FREQ will appear at the bottom of the screen. Then simply press the white/blue ADJ knob and all the settings will be stored. Please note that on older machines the button is usually marked MENU whereas on newer models its now labelled SYS.

Treatment is then achieved directly by the patient ‘bathing’ in the Energy field for periods of around 5/10 minutes. We have found that the effectiveness of the machine is significantly enhanced if a patient is also listening to music of their choice.
We suggest one session each day for 3 consecutive days followed by a break of 4 days. Then if necessary repeat the following week. Everybody is different so do experiment as much as possible and remain open and flexible.



Please note we are still in the process of trialling the machines so the above protocol might change at any time. If you have any questions do contact us and we will be only too pleased to answer them.

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The double coils technology like so many human discoveries seemed to happen by “accident.” We were experimenting with a vibration known as the Schumann frequency. It is an very weak electromagnetic signal of around 7.83 Hz and is caused by lightning strikes exciting the atmospheric cavity of the Earth.

It has also been detected on other Planets such as Jupiter. The frequency represents a resonance which depends on the dimensions of the Planet in question. There are also harmonics produced at higher frequencies.

The original experiment used 2 windings of a toroidal transformer and a signal generator that produces a sine wave with an amplitude of a few volts.

We happened by “chance” to be listening to a cd when we first switched the machine on and noticed immediately a subtle change in the music. We repeated the experiment many times and with different observers including a well known record producer.

There was no doubt, the machine had a palpable effect on what we were listening to whether it was recorded or a live acoustic instrument.
some people also reported “feeling” the Energy field. The size of the field was as big as a house and didn’t obey the inverse square law. In fact the best place to put it was in the roof space; not in the listening room!

We then carried out extensive tests trying different frequencies and voltages. Our aim was to record the difference between the machine being on and off. We used some very sophisticated recording equipment but failed completely to register the differences. It then occurred to us that the music was not actually changing, it was us: the Energy field was changing our consciousness and our perception.

This led us to think, if it is changing our consciousness could it also be affecting us in other ways and possibly act as a therapy! At that point we turned to our Meditation for help.


The original transformers were later replaced by hand wound coils made from constantan resistance wire. The coil is in fact comprised of 2 helices, similar to DNA. The only difference is that the are joined together so the current passes one way through the first coil and then in the reverse direction through the second coil. In this configuration the electromagnetic fields are annihilated.

The result should be zero but as we have discovered out of the “Nothing” emerges this mysterious Energy Field that defies the laws of physics.

The field seems to be resonant in nature as it takes around 30 to 45 seconds to reach maximum potency when switched on but dies immediately it is switched off. The power need to create bears no correlation to the effect. We have experimented with powers ranging from microWatts to hundreds of Watts and can report little or no difference.

It suggests that as long as we can cancel certain electromagnetic signals and create a “Space” then the Energy arrives. At this point we are speculating. Can this Energy be appearing from other dimension much in the same way as dark energy is spoken of?

If what is written here interests you we suggest you set up a machine (they are not expensive) and carry out research yourself. All we would ask is that you share your findings with us so that we can share them with other people who are thinking outside the box!