Rubik Cube Representation

A classic Rubik cube is a perfect representation for the system of imbalances.
It can be imagined as 27 cubes, 26 of which are visible and the central cube hidden. The outer cubes represent the various states of imbalance and the central cube perfect health.
A colour can be assigned to each imbalance as follows:

(W) White  –  Mental inward imbalance
(Y) Yellow  –   Mental outward imbalance

(B) Blue  –  Emotions repressed
(G) Green  –  Emotions expressed

(O) Orange  –  Pain chronic
(R) Red  –   Pain acute
The cube can then be used to select a remedy. This can be done by intuition coupled with some knowledge of the patient. If the patient is slightly unwell then just one colour should be selected. If however they are extremely unwell a cube displaying 3 colours should be chosen. For most people 2 colours will probably suffice.

Once the cube is selected it can be identified using the table below and a corresponding therapeutic frequency obtained.

This frequency is then entered into one channel of the dual signal generator. When coupled to the special double coils it will create an Energy field as big as a house. The idea is that you then bathe in the field which is designed to help restore balance and reduce the dis-ease.

WBO 649.453 WB 289.746 WBR 986.243
WO 286.742 W 346.218 WR 724.143
WGO 724.818 WG 531.316 WGR 825.168


BO 712.687 B 132.943 BR 174.238
O 821.369 694.237 R 736.214
GO 723.598 G 329.423 GR 918.613


YBO 248.236 YB 586.236 YBR 439.286
YO 398.129 Y 215.726 YR 623.748
YGO 413.897 YG 725.687 YGR 738.423