The frequencies that appear on this page can be dialled on a Feeltech dual signal generator. So the remedy for Hayfever would be entered as 469.234 kHz. The kHz scale is the default setting of the machine. People wishing to use their phones with Function Generator Apps can do so by omitting the last digit and dialling the frequecy in Hz. So the Hayfever remedy would be set as 469.23 Hz or 4.6923 kHz.

Specific Remedies

At present we are trialling the following therapeutic remedies:

Hay Fever: 469.234
Insomnia: 532.728
Stress: 241.237
Anxiety: 847.943
Depression: 479.273
Allergies: 746.123
Autoimmune: 974.219


Balancing Frequencies

If we visualize each of the areas of imbalance like a seesaw then it either tips to the left, remains level or tips to the right. We can then assign different qualities to these areas as follows:


Mental Inward Imbalance Balanced Outward Imbalance
Emotions Repressed Balanced Expressed
Physical Chronic Pain Pain-free Acute Pain


Each of these areas is amplified below. All a person needs to do is pick one area of balance/imbalance from each category and note the associated number.

So for example, if you were experiencing doubt (1) together with stress (6) but had no physical pain (8) you would record the 3 digit number 168.


(1) Inward Imbalance: lack of enthusiasm, self-obsessed, fear of the unknown, keeps problems to oneself, dwells on the past.
(2) Balanced
(3) Outward Imbalance: over-enthusiasm, overcare for others, fear of the known, wants to talk about problems, concerned about the future.



(4) Repressed Emotions: hopelessness, worry, fear of failure, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, loneliness.
(5) Balanced Emotions
(6) Expressed Emotions: anger, frustration, fear, sadness, grief, stress, despair, depression.



(7) Chronic Pain: Chronic pain lasts for a long period of time and is deep seated. Examples: allergies, kidney stones, migraines and autoimmune.
(8) Pain-free
(9) Acute Pain: Acute pain starts suddenly and is short-term. Examples: headaches, toothache, sports injuries, nerve pain and referred pains.


There are 27 different combinations and each has a Therapeutic resonance associated with it. For the number above 168 you can seen from the table below that this would correspond to a frequency of 531.316 kHz.

This number is then entered into one channel of the dual signal generator. When coupled to the special double coils it will create an Energy field as big as a house. The idea is that you then bathe in the field which is designed to help restore balance and reduce the dis-ease.

147 649.453 148 289.746 149 986.243
157 286.742 158 346.218 159 724.143
167 724.818 168 531.316 169 825.168


247 712.687 248 132.943 249 174.238
257 821.369 258 694.237 259 736.214
267 723.598 268 329.423 269 918.613


347 248.236 348 586.236 349 439.286
357 398.129 358 215.726 359 623.748
367 413.897 368 725.687 369 738.423