Vitality Remedies

Please note: through our ongoing research program we are discovering new frequencies that are giving far more consistent results. Consequently the frequency values will be updated from time to time; always use the current value.

The therapeutic resonances have been chosen to broadly cover all types of vitality. In order to find the best remedy for a particular patient, read the article below.

84.217 42.628 93.629 742.648 48.242 962.876 28.436 74.928 64.212
56.523 42.869 72.135 746.849 12.472 782.186 92.841 86.823 24.971
71.246 84.923 41.628 629.876 17.423 642.123 98.612 29.563 12.923


Choosing a Remedy

You may wish to combine a therapeutic and a vitality remedy (or possibly a Bach and therapeutic remedy). If this is the case a degree of intuition is necessary. If you have used the system for a while you may be able to sense which remedy will suit a particular person. If this is not the case then dowsing is your best option. It is easier than you may think and everyone can do it given a little practice. First you should obtain a pendulum (check ebay) it does not have to be fancy: a plastic one will work perfectly well. Then you will need to calibrate it: let the pendulum hang vertically and ask the question, “What is my answer for YES?”, observe how it swings, then ask, “What is my answer for NO?”, observe again. Then check by asking obvious questions such as: “Is my name……, is today…….?”, etc until you are confident that you are getting consistent answers.

You are now ready to dowse for remedies. Simply picture the person you are going to treat in your mind, or view a photo of them and ask: “Is this the right remedy?” (pointing to one of the numbers) then move to another number and repeat the question. Hopefully you will see a positive response for one of the selections and the job is done. When dowsing the secret is to relax and just go with it. You may think that if you have preconceived ideas, then the pendulum will always reflect those thoughts. You will be amazed to discover this is certainly not the case, the pendulum will act as if it has a mind of its own and really surprise you. The principle here is that the unconscious mind can have knowledge that the conscious mind is unaware of.

The 27 vitality remedies have been chosen to broadly cover all types of people. Start by dowsing between the blocks of 9 asking: “Is the remedy in the LEFT, MIDDLE or RIGHT block?” Then, when you know the correct block, “Is it in the TOP, MIDDLE or BOTTOM row?” When you have the final row ask, “Is it the LEFT, MIDDLE or RIGHT number?” Using this approach you can quickly get the appropriate number in just three dowsings.