Testimonial (N.H.)

For the past 50 years I have had hayfever, especially during the summer months. However, around 10 years ago we started using DCT machines to potentize water, and I was able to get an amazing amount of relief from the symptoms and ceased taking any prescribed medication.

This year (for the sake of science) I have stopped using the potentized water so I can test the effectiveness of the Feedback Technology.

I have spent many hours today driving and walking in the beautiful Devon (U.K.) countryside and was very much aware of the familiar symptoms: runny nose, sneezing, itchy palate and eyes.

I let the symptoms manifest and then used the tiny Portable Feedback Machine. The results were absolutely amazing! Within 10 seconds I could feel the symptoms begin to subside and within minute they had completely gone. Additionally, there was an unusual sense of freshness regarding my sinuses! I had itchy eyes on just one occasion and they took a few minutes to return to normal.

The treatment seems to be negating the reactions but not acting as a long term cure!
I intend to pursue this fascinating research further.