Monthly Archives: May 2024

Pyramid Healing (M.K.)

  Almost immediately I felt energy swirling around my head and moving down through my body, like a vortex. It felt like it was playing with my hair! I was focussing on my breath and sensed I was falling asleep and even thought I would start snoring! I have been suffering from allergic reactions and was aware on an itchiness… Read more →

Autoimmune Remedy (D.H.)

  I posted last week that I was suffering from allergies which resulted in histamine rashes, at first I tried the Allergy Remedy with zero success. (N) pointed out that a histamine rash was an autoimmune issue. I set up the machine for the Autoimmune numbers and potentized a spray bottle of water. Within a day I was 90% clear… Read more →

Testimonial (S.C.)

  I have just used the Feedback Machine today for the first time and the results were quite amazing: I meditated for 10 minutes on a mantra, with the machine near me (feet not yet on the the plates), with the crocodile connectors attached to aluminum trays. I immediately noticed a tingling sensation through my palms and near my feet… Read more →