We would like to present two Therapeutic Protocols. The first is for treating a patient topically using a moisturising cream. The second is for remedies that are taken internally and uses honey.


This protocol is used for applying Essential Oils. We suggest using a basic non perfumed moisturising cream in a small aluminium tin (say 10ml). Essential Oils can then be added (1/2 drops of each chosen oil). Stir with a cocktail stick to ensure proper mixing. The remedy may then be potentized using a DCT machine for a period of 2 hours. The cream should be applied to any appropriate area and massaged into the skin.


This protocol is used for administering Bach Flower remedies. We suggest using a small jar of honey (say 28g). Simply add 1 drop of each of the chosen remedies and mix well using a cocktail stick. Then potentise with a DCT machine for 2 hours. The honey can be taken neat or naturally with food or drink.

We recommend that the remedies are taken sparingly, 1/2 times a day. The best approach is little and often; a 10ml tin of cream should last about a month.