We would like to present three Therapeutic Protocols. The first is a Feedback Machine for treatments using the Double Coil Technology. The second is for treating a patient topically using a moisturising cream. The third is for remedies that are taken internally and use honey.

Feedback Machine

We have just made an exciting breakthrough with the Double Coil technology – an amazingly simple machine that uses a feedback loop. The patient places their bare feet on 2 metal plates which are connected to a set of coils. By listening to music and ‘letting go’, the tiny electric potentials in the body stimulate the coils and create an Energy field.

The effects are really palpable. Firstly we sensed a real connection with the music which seems to envelope us. We also found that parts of our body would exhibit tingling sensations and involuntary shaking after which we felt extremely calm and relaxed!

Each session lasted around 10 minutes. At present we are suggesting that the machine is used on 3 consecutive days followed by a break of about a week.

Please note the set up shown in the photo uses a 3D set of coils but the effect is exactly the same when using a single coil. Also the metal plates can be replaced by Aluminium foil and attached using crocodile clips. Additionally, the wire used for making the coil need not be the usual constantan resistance wire as used with the signal generators. Any enamelled wire will suffice as the resistance in this case is irrelevant. This means that the apparatus in its simplest form (photo below) can be made for almost zero cost!


Portable Feedback Machine

The Feedback technique can be miniaturised to a Double Coil and a pair of electrodes as shown in the photo below. The person wishing to receive healing Energy simply touches the screw heads with different parts of the body. For example a finger from each hand or even the same hand. The principle is based on the fact that the human body naturally presents small electropotentials which are perfect for Energizing the Coil.

This particular model is less than 6cm long and with a mass of only 5 grams is perfect to carry in a pocket.

Testimonial (M.H.)


This protocol is used for applying Essential Oils. We suggest using a basic non perfumed moisturising cream in a small aluminium tin (say 10ml). Essential Oils can then be added (1/2 drops of each chosen oil). Stir with a cocktail stick to ensure proper mixing. The remedy may then be potentized using a DCT machine for a period of 2 hours. The cream should be applied to any appropriate area and massaged into the skin.


This protocol is used for administering Bach Flower remedies. We suggest using a small jar of honey (say 28g). Simply add 1 drop of each of the chosen remedies and mix well using a cocktail stick. Then potentise with a DCT machine for 2 hours. The honey can be taken neat or naturally with food or drink.

We recommend that the remedies are taken sparingly, 1/2 times a day. The best approach is little and often; a 10ml tin of cream should last about a month.