Testimonial (S.C.)

I have just used the Feedback Machine today for the first time and the results were quite amazing:

I meditated for 10 minutes on a mantra, with the machine near me (feet not yet on the the plates), with the crocodile connectors attached to aluminum trays.
I immediately noticed a tingling sensation through my palms and near my feet something felt different in my meditation with the machine near me.

Once I had finished the mantra meditation, I placed my feet on the aluminium trays and listened to instrumental music for 10 mins. The results were intense and moving!
My feet tingled with energy and after a while this spread to my whole body.

After a while my head felt so light, my spine and neck straightend as if buoyant and being pulled up by a string! I was overcome with energy and gratitude and tears welled up and streamed down my cheeks.

The machine can be activated by stray magnetic fields so may produce an Energy Field without a patient Energizing it.