Testimonial (A.Z.)

  Thank you again for making and posting the feedback coil, really appreciate it. It has arrived yesterday and I’ve done some testing already. During my first session I felt the enegy moving through my body and the places of some previous injuries were highlighted to my awareness. Then I felt a pleasant current of energy, electrical in nature and… Read more →

Feedback Machine (M.H.)

  I sat with my feet on the metal plates, eyes closed and began listening to the music. It became a form of Meditation and I felt a tingling in my palms as I found myself merging with the sound. My body then started to vibrate all over as often happens when a person raises Kundalini Energy. It was not… Read more →

Testimonial (N.Y.)

  My First Day with the Therapeutic Spiritual Energy Machine I started the machine and tried various frequencies. I could hear the difference; actually, feel the difference. It’s not explicitly a difference in sound; in fact, it’s a change in consciousness, and that becomes obvious to you when you try it. It becomes obvious, because you can’t put your finger… Read more →

Hayfever (N.H.)

  I stopped taking all drugs this year for my hayfever. Instead I used the hayfever remedy that I made up using a DCT machine. It worked brilliantly until mid June when the symptoms began to return. I contacted the people running the site and they gave me another resonant frequency. On taking the new remedy the symptoms subsided in… Read more →

IBS Relief (D.H.)

  My Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) started around February 2014 which lasted for bouts of two to three months with periods of remission in between. My worst time came in November 2014 lasting to March 2015 when I had daily symptoms (which included abdominal cramps) which were very aggressive without any days of relief. I then started taking the IBS… Read more →