Nick Howell

Pyramid Healing (M.K.)

  Almost immediately I felt energy swirling around my head and moving down through my body, like a vortex. It felt like it was playing with my hair! I was focussing on my breath and sensed I was falling asleep and even thought I would start snoring! I have been suffering from allergic reactions and was aware on an itchiness… Read more →

Autoimmune Remedy (D.H.)

  I posted last week that I was suffering from allergies which resulted in histamine rashes, at first I tried the Allergy Remedy with zero success. (N) pointed out that a histamine rash was an autoimmune issue. I set up the machine for the Autoimmune numbers and potentized a spray bottle of water. Within a day I was 90% clear… Read more →

Testimonial (S.C.)

  I have just used the Feedback Machine today for the first time and the results were quite amazing: I meditated for 10 minutes on a mantra, with the machine near me (feet not yet on the the plates), with the crocodile connectors attached to aluminum trays. I immediately noticed a tingling sensation through my palms and near my feet… Read more →

Testimonial (N.H.)

  For the past 50 years I have had hayfever, especially during the summer months. However, around 10 years ago we started using DCT machines to potentize water, and I was able to get an amazing amount of relief from the symptoms and ceased taking any prescribed medication. This year (for the sake of science) I have stopped using the… Read more →

Testimonial (P.S.)

  My experience today with the machine was interesting. I did it with headphones and it was not a piece of music as usual, but a song from YouTube. With the machine off I listened to the song as always and also watched it because it had a video. Then when I turned on the machine it was very clear… Read more →

Testimonial (D.H.)

  The standard test we use for a DCT setup  is listening to music and comparing with the coil on or off, we wondered about the effect of using headphones as opposed to speakers. Our set up used the Mental/Emotional/Physical balanced frequency from the Therapeutic resonances website – from previous trials the frequency doesn’t appear to make any difference  – the coil just… Read more →

Testimonial (A.M.)

  I listened to music and felt a slight tingling in my hands and a pressure at the top of my head. Pressure pushing upwards from inside. I had my eyes closed and near the end of the session I started seeing images of people dressed like Amish. They seemed to be doing something all together outside. Like maybe sowing… Read more →

Testimonial (A.Z.)

  Some further thoughts on the feedback machine. I’ve updated the machine with pure copper plates (99.99%) and this feels quite different than the aluminium foil that I’ve used previously. The feeling/sensation is more electrical in nature and travels through the body and stimulates crown chakra and also meridians in the body. I suspect that it follows the natural pathways… Read more →

Testimonial (A.Z.)

  Thank you again for making and posting the feedback coil, really appreciate it. It has arrived yesterday and I’ve done some testing already. During my first session I felt the enegy moving through my body and the places of some previous injuries were highlighted to my awareness. Then I felt a pleasant current of energy, electrical in nature and… Read more →

Feedback Machine (M.H.)

  I sat with my feet on the metal plates, eyes closed and began listening to the music. It became a form of Meditation and I felt a tingling in my palms as I found myself merging with the sound. My body then started to vibrate all over as often happens when a person raises Kundalini Energy. It was not… Read more →