Oils Project

With all herbs there is a first aid use and a remedy which is deeper acting to help with issues that affect the mind and emotions, sometimes over a long period.
The way the oils are prepared in a small container is to encourage people to just use a small amount.
As with Bach Flower remedies it is only necessary to use a little in order to have an effect. It is as if you are putting on the ‘ Essence ‘ of the oil of the plant, chosen specifically for that person at a certain time.
As with all remedies there needs to be a trust of the patient for the practitioner. Also the practitioner needs to be sure that the chosen remedy is the right one.


The Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to work with a small number of carefully chosen Essential Oils and discover their deepest properties using intuition. In particular we wanted to see how they could affect the emotional and mental state of a person. All the information below was accessed through meditation.

When selecting a particular remedy we would highly recommend using intuition which may be guided using a pendulum or kinesiology. When working alone we would suggest using a pendulum however when treating a patient, kinesiology is generally preferred as it promotes acceptance and a sense of positivity.


Preparing the Oils

We have found the best medium for the Essential Oils is a fragrance free moisturising cream. It is not expensive, easy to obtain and most importantly will be absorbed easily into the skin.

Some of the Oils will react with plastics so we recommend the use of aluminium tins. We use a small 10ml size which can be easily purchased online. The Oils are very powerful so a dilution of 2.5% is sufficient and in the case of Rose just 1%. We suggest the person using the remedy applies a small dab daily on the wrists in the same way you would apply a perfume. If you are using 10ml containers this means adding 5 drops and 2 drops, of the Essential Oil, respectively.

List of Essential Oils

Cedarwood Atlas
Palo Santo
Violet Leaf




This is the ultimate oil for wounds on all levels. The wounds of the body, soul and mind. First aid – apply directly to the injury.
This deep acting remedy will help anyone who feels ‘ wounded ‘ by society or a personal relationship with someone.
This is a forgiveness oil, when the wound has gone so deep that it seems almost impossible to let go of the feeling of shock and utter disappointment at what someone has done to you.
Meditate with the oil and ask that you may offer forgiveness and thereby become whole again.


An insect bite became quite badly infected and I put some neat Myrrh onto a plaster and placed it on the wound. Myrrh is very viscous so I had to take the dropper off in order to get the oil out. Within two days the infection went away but I still left the plaster on for a few days after that to be sure. (M.H.)



Learning to Love yourself is the greatest Love of all – so the song goes!
This is nothing to do with being self centred but a pure honest love that comes from within.
This beautiful oil will help you to cultivate that Love inside so that you are able to see others as other versions of yourself, without judgement.



There is a calmness and stability that comes from using Sandalwood. Use it whenever you feel agitated and you will feel it’s calming effect almost immediately. There are other calming oils but this one goes deeper and has a longer lasting effect.
Use it if you are feeling out of balance with affairs of the day to help you sleep.



This is a very healing oil for all complaints coming from sensitive people who have been around others who drain them of energy.
They tend to take on other people’s worries. This gentle oil puts a barrier up so use it often.
As with other oils they are very powerful so you only need a little on the wrist.
Always put the Lapis Blue light around you for extra protection.

Sensitive people should not think they should be less sensitive – it is a gift that should be treasured. But yarrow will be there to stop any interference to the body’s natural rhythm – thereby stopping any illness due to sensitivity.

I find Yarrow oil invaluable whenever I feel out of balance due to other people’s negative energy. (M.H)



Use this oil for when you feel a sense of loss – someone/ something you love has been a part of you and you don’t feel ‘whole’ without them. It could be a partner, child, parent or a pet who you really felt close to. The oil will help you to heal and ease the pain. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has died – just not part of your life anymore.


So far I’ve been lying in bed before I go to sleep and simply holding the oils in turn, or sometimes just one. The amazing thing is that it seems frankincense is the most dynamic fragrance for me and grounds me immediately and removes my thoughts and I find a space of forgiveness for myself …. it doesn’t seem to be about anyone else and I don’t know what I’m forgiving myself for. It’s sometimes sad but just really a deep sense of forgiveness.(S.D.)



This oil should be used carefully as it is very powerful. NEVER USE UNDILUTED. This applies to most oils but particularly with this one.

It has a variety of uses: to repeat – always sparingly.

Helpful for Insomnia as it is calming and also for pain relief. Use in conjunction with controlled breathing to help with the above.



As an example, this very pungent oil can be used for a cough that you have had for a while and not been able to shift. Its uniqueness comes with the ability to get to the bottom/root of some aspect of your life.

Any long-standing illnesses or disagreements with people will be helped by using this oil over a few weeks. Don’t give up, keep persevering and solutions/cures will be found.

That is the power of this oil, to get to the places where before it has seemed impossible.

Just have the thought in your mind of what you need healing and then let the magic of the oil do its work.


There seems to be strong evidence that Marigold will help improve your eyesight. (N.H.)



This is the number one self-forgiveness oil – when you look back over your life and see patterns of your own behaviour repeating time and time again.

This is the oil to help you to move forward, realising that there is nothing you can do about the past, but plenty you can do about the future.

To break these self-destructive patterns will take time and effort as they are mostly deeply ingrained.

Meditate with this oil and ask for help to take away feelings of lack of self-worth. Many of the events or situations that have caused the lack of self-forgiveness have been completely forgotten by those concerned.

Life on Earth is all to do with Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness. You must forgive other people but you mustn’t forget to forgive yourself too.


Cedarwood Atlas

This oil helps to lift the spirits, useful for when coming out of an illness that has been lingering. Use it when you want to lighten the mood of a tense situation.

This deep acting remedy can combat long-standing depressive states, whatever the cause.



This oil has a variety of benefits, but principally its use is for self preservation and self acknowledgement.

Sometimes in life it is difficult to be who you want to be because of imposed restrictions. You may feel repressed and put upon.

This oil is to give you strength, either to move on from an unhealthy relationship, or to be more self-sufficient in one that you choose to stay where you are.

This oil will give you an inner strength to reclaim the lost independence.


Palo Santo

This powerful oil can be used in any situations where there are people gathered together in a negative atmosphere.

It is very grounding for anyone entering those situations, in order not to pick up on tensions or fears. It can help at any time for protection from outside influences.


Violet Leaf

This oil can be used when there are times in the past (it could be past lives) when there has been much sadness which is affecting the present.

This delicate gentle oil will soothe the troubled mind, allowing the memories of past hurts to fade.

The reason for the sad things that have happened is usually Karmic and needs to be worked through with the help of the oil.



First Aid

Many Essential Oils can be used for first aid. Be careful when treating open wounds and keep them well away from the eyes.

Lavender (French) – a miraculous remedy for burns including sunburn, tension headaches apply to the temples but keep away from the eyes.

Tea Tree – for wounds, spots but not if open!

Myrrh – excellent for treating open wounds.

Peppermint – use for sick headaches; apply neat to the temples but keep away from the eyes!

Eucalyptus – for nasal congestion apply on the chest in a cream or use in a burner.

Rosemary – for clearing the head and treating bruises.

Clove – very useful for numbing toothache; use diluted in honey.

Juniper – used extensively for it’s ability to fight skin irritations, infection and rash, due to its strong antiseptic qualities

Lemon Eucalyptus – for repelling insects. Also worth trying are Lavender, Citronella and Tea Tree.

Lemongrass – for treating insect bites; consider also Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint.

Basil – to help stay alert and concentrate ; good for studying.


Potentizing the Oils

We are also considering the idea of potentizing the Essential Oils using the DCT technology. Initially however, we are revisiting a method using water that we pioneered back in 2015.

At present we are focussing on the following remedies:

Hay Fever: 469.234
Insomnia: 532.728
Stress: 241.237
Anxiety: 847.943
Depression: 479.273
Allergies: 746.123
Autoimmune: 974.219

If you are using the Feeltech (or similar) Generators then the numbers would be set as kHz. The Hayfever remedy would therefore appear as 469.234 kHz. People wishing to use their phones with Function Generator Apps can do so by omitting the last digit and dialling the frequecy in Hz. So the Hayfever remedy would be set as 469.23 Hz or 4.6923 kHz.
The Method involves constructing a double coil around a plastic tube and connecting to a DCT machine. The photo below shows two Double coils (one clockwise, the other anticlockwise) connected in series. An atomizer/spray glass bottle containing deionised water and a few drops of alcohol (brandy or vodka to act as a preservative) is placed in the tube for 2 hours.

The patient then takes the remedy by squirting (4 times) directly into the mouth. With hay fever we recommend doing this 4 times daily during the season. The other remedies should be taken once a day or when the symptoms appear. Nothing written above is set in stone so we encourage experimentation and would love to receive feedback, both positive and negative.

If these trials give good results we will consider using the same frequencies to potentize Essential Oils that will be applied topically.