Please note: through our ongoing research program we are discovering new frequencies that are giving far more consistent results. Consequently the frequency values will be updated from time to time; always use the current value.

Bach Remedies

Below is a list of therapeutic remedies based on the Bach Flower system to treat negative states of mind. These should be taken, as with the other remedies, 2 squirts 3 times a day usually for a period of 7 to 10 days. The remedy will last for 1 month; after this period its effectiveness may be reduced so it is better to make up a fresh bottle.

For Fears

Have experienced terror, been frozen in fear and feel helpless (649.834)
Have a fear rooted in known causes e.g. spiders, flying, etc. (238.421)
Fear losing control of your behaviour (963.214)
Have unexplained fears and worries, are nervous and anxious (214.923)
Are over-anxious or overly-concerned for others (84.128)

For Sensitivity

Put on a cheerful face to hide problems (634.923)
Have difficulty in saying no and are anxious to please (72.384)
Face major life changes and are in need of protection (89.123)
Have feelings of extreme jealousy, are envious and suspicious (63.218)

For Decisiveness

Doubt your own ability to judge situations (861.243)
Suffer from indecision (49.231)
Are easily discouraged, hesitant and despondent (82.912)
Feel hopelessness and despair and are pessimistic (921.238)
Get the “Monday morning” feeling (12.923)
Uncertain to the correct path in life. Unhappy with current lifestyle (62.912)

For Concern for others

Are overly possessive and expect others to conform to your values (56.523)
Are over enthusiastic, argumentative with fixed principles/ideas (42.918)
Strong willed with a tendency to be domineering and inflexible (243.181)
Are critical and intolerant of others (792.313)
Are inflexible, setting yourself very high standards (17.893)


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For Attention

Day-dream and generally have a lack of interest in the present (49.816)
Live in the past, feel homesick or nostalgic (24.983)
Make little effort to improve situations (10.234)
Feel exhausted in body and mind (56.728)
Have unwanted thoughts, preoccupations and worries (349.237)
Experience unexplained deep gloom (78.924)
Fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes (492.167)


For Loneliness

Prefer to be alone or are proud and aloof (28.716)
Are impatient and easily irritated (398.142)
Feel self absorbed, dislike being alone, are excessively talkative (45.917)


For Mental Attitude

Lack self-confidence and feel inferior (749.231)
Feel full of guilt and blame yourself for other people’s mistakes (68.123)
Are overwhelmed or burdened and despondent (89.712)
Are at the limits of endurance and in deep despair (29.128)
Have experienced shock, grief or fright (45.917)
Are resentful and have feelings of self-pity, ‘poor me’ (39.124)
Are driven by a strong sense of duty, and struggle on exhausted (49.138)
Have a poor self image, ashamed of yourself physically (897.213)