Pyramid Healing (M.K.)


Almost immediately I felt energy swirling around my head and moving down through my body, like a vortex. It felt like it was playing with my hair!

I was focussing on my breath and sensed I was falling asleep and even thought I would start snoring! I have been suffering from allergic reactions and was aware on an itchiness all over my body.

Later, I became aware of a concentrated ball of energy between my hands that rested in my lap. Strangely, I couldn’t actually feel my hands only the ball which increased in mass and started to send waves of warm energy through my entire body. At this point all the
allergy symptoms completely disappeared. Wow!

The Energy then started to move backwards and forwards between my hands.

I felt paralyzed during the whole experience and a few minutes beyond. It was completely overwhelming and will need some time to process.

That night I meditated and became aware of the ball of energy again; this time in my stomach. As before it radiated beautiful warm waves of energy. That night I slept like a baby – the best sleep I have had for a very long time.