Testimonial (N.Y.)

My First Day with the Therapeutic Spiritual Energy Machine

I started the machine and tried various frequencies. I could hear the difference; actually, feel the difference. It’s not explicitly a difference in sound; in fact, it’s a change in consciousness, and that becomes obvious to you when you try it. It becomes obvious, because you can’t put your finger on what has changed in the music. I’d best describe it as the music becoming charged. I can feel it in my whole being.

For a long time, I’ve had the most profound musical experiences at late night hours, when I’m tired. I have long wondered how I could feel music as extremely as then, throughout the waking day as well. This machine brings about the same sensitivity (positive, calm, open emotional reactivity to the music), if not in an even more extreme manner. It brings about, in other words, profound musical experiences.

When I use the machine on 432 Hz, I resonate with music on an extremely deep level. It’s like I’ve just discovered ‘music’. I find that not only does the music sound more loving, and more beautiful, but I also become more loving as a result. It’s not a euphoric state. It’s a calm, beautiful, meditative (sort of) state. Euphoric states tend to drain my energy.

What this machine brings about is a change in emotional reactivity and mood. A calm, wonderful mood. When I had the machine set to the Schumann frequency, I felt like dancing. The music became powerful and brought about gentle, happy emotions. When I set the machine to 432 Hz, I even cried to a song, and I never cry to songs.

I believe that music can be therapy. And when I listen with the machine on 432 Hz, I resonate on a deep level with the music, and all that matters is the music. It’s a beautiful state of mind that without doubt is very beneficial for transformation. I have OCD, and hence these moments are very helpful to me. It will be interesting to see what happens over the long-term. This machine could be a life-saver to those struggling in life.

The effect takes place almost immediately after starting the machine. I’m surprised it works so well for me, as almost nothing has before. This is a game changer. I think it will become an invaluable tool in my life. A much-needed tool.